Reframing social justice in the days of COVID-19

This is an important article.Some of what it says: A day will come when this pandemic subsides. But will the world return to the way it was before this virus dramatically shifted its course? And more importantly, should it? Loving others is the work that God has called us to do. And if we loveContinue reading “Reframing social justice in the days of COVID-19”

Jesus is the Way (to follow)

My sermon from today: [Here’s the video of the sermon, as part of the service.] TEXT:  John 14:1-14 TITLE:  “Untroubled Hearts” THESIS: Trust God, stay in God’s love, follow the way of Jesus. Introduction Today is Mother’s Day – an unusual day for it, of course, because we are not able to gather in person toContinue reading “Jesus is the Way (to follow)”

Where do we go from here?

We’re not going back. Everything has changed. The question now is how we make a better world? Compassion and community, perhaps contemplation, are key to this. The church will never be the same. When have we ever not held Sunday services where we gather at least in small numbers to pray, learn, preach, praise, encourage?Continue reading “Where do we go from here?”