Hope for the world

Our hope is not in this life only, as the Apostle Paul said. Yet our hope IS for this life. How can we live without hope – today, tomorrow, and the next day?

What hope do we have that this earth we inhabit will continue to be habitable in coming generations? The climate crisis is not a political issue, but a spiritual and moral one. It is not a conservative or liberal issue. And it is not debatable.

The gospel gives hope for abundant life – here and now. Life is a gift, and we are called to live it wisely and responsibly. Caring for God’s creation is one responsibility. I have come to this late in life, unfortunately, but my wife and I have many grandchildren, and we want them to be able to live in a world – together with all people – which is still good and beautiful.

This post is my first public commitment to this calling. To learn more about how you can live responsibly in this area, visit this site: http://www.creationjustice.org/ and fespecially or American Baptists like me – https://www.creationjusticenetworkabc.org/.

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